Summer Camp – The Best Activities For Nighttime Into The Wild

Summer camp is one of the best places kids can improve their social skills, communication and have incredible fun at the same time and the best part is that your child will remember these lessons and skills learned because what we learn with passion we never forget.

Apart from equipping your child with skills, it would increase the child’s confidence as they need to participate in several different social activities during the day and especially at night time where they partake in interesting activities that can make summer camp a memorable experience.

When your child returns from summer camp don’t be surprised if your child is no longer afraid of the dark or start raving about some of the favorite programs played after dinner and into nighttime. Some of the best activities are listed below.

  • SisLovesMe

    Sis Loves MeThe series that began the big trend of step sister/brother sexual relations. It’s strictly for adults but it shows the taste of today’s society. Becoming more taboo’ish series like Sis Loves Me are becoming hugely popular and there is a reason for that. Besides the curiosity it’s just a fun content to watch!

•    Capture The Lantern

Capture the lantern is a very fun game and one of the best activities to enjoy at night. All campers will be assigned into different team’s and will spread out in different locations while a lantern will be placed in the center of the field with counselors surrounding it.

The aim is for any teammate to get to the lantern, in other words, “capture the lantern” without getting shined on with flashlights by the campers in the middle. Touching the lantern gets you 100 points for your team and getting closer to the target within the circle gets you lower points.

This activity gets competitive and is a fun way to get campers to exercise themselves before bed.

•   Capture The Flag

This is an absolute winner into nighttime. It’s an activity that builds campers into team players as they learn to defend their territory and their flag. Campers would be divided into teams with assigned captains, each team representing a color.

The team members are then assigned into a position which could be defense, offense, flag guard (jail guard). At playtime, the teams line up in the middle of the campground separated by a line.  This engaging activity aims to get the other team flag, without being tagged or sent to jail.

Every round, two different teams duel and at the end of the activity, the winning team is determined by leveling up the score in each round.

•   Campfire, Charades, And Songs

Campfire charades, songs, and even story sharing are also one of the best things about summer camp.

The whole team will come together and gather around the campfire, sing along songs, popular camp songs or traditional songs that build their spirit and sense of camaraderie between their peers. Afterward, they engage in acting charades and can even blow out the last embers of the fires sharing lessons.

•   Game Night

After a long day of activities campers can partake in a variety of games at nighttime throughout camp.

These games include, but not limited to; board games, hide and seek, sports and other competitive games. There will be two separate teams and each will compete with the other. It is a healthy competition that is great for you Kid, and one that normally keeps all the campers wide – eyed before it is time for bed.

•    Talent Show

This is another activity that campers count down to unto nighttime. In their motivated spirits campers will be in organized groups and will be asked to pick a talent they will display at the talent show, it could be acting, singing, dancing, art and crafts, and any other talent that a child shows passion for.

As the talent show begins campers will move on the stage to showcase their act while their teammates and the facilitators cheer them on

•    Trivia Night

Kids love a good trivia and so do we. Trivia night is one of the best activities campers can engage in into the night. Campers will be separated into teams and a master of the trivia will read the trivia questions which could be in any category or peculiar to a theme previously discussed in camp.

The questions are then answered by team members and at the end of each round, the scores are tallied up to determine the teams that will be dropped and those that will go up. In the end, the runner ups and the winning team will receive prizes.

Nighttime activities at summer camps are often the memorable ones the ones where our kids have the best laughs and compete for the hardest as they learn more about themselves, gain social skills, learn to take responsibility, gain some survival skills and learn how to navigate the waters of the world.

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