A Recap Of Interesting Summer Camps Of 2017: Checklist To Make Your Summer Camp Preparation Faster

Summer camps are an interesting place for every child to discover and try out things. They are well-deserved by kids to experience. Of course, it may seem scary for them to leave home. But, it is through these camps that they create memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

Of course, not all camps have been created equal. Thus, kids will need a summer camp that can improve themselves and enable them to learn more skills. That’s why they can also keep themselves away from modern conveniences. If you are in search for the most interesting summer camps of 2017, below is a recap of the ones to keep on your radar.

Falcon Camp

Falcon Camp canoe activity
Falcon Camp canoe activity

For those kids who are going to their first camp, Falcon Camp is one of the most interesting in 2017 for them. This will bring good food and a lot of fun to your children. This is a beautiful with a lake in front. Its talented and skilled staffs and all the planned activities will impress you even more.

Apart from this, there are mountain bikes, drama, horseback riding, sailing and a much more. For girls and boys who are aging six to sixteen will simply appreciate their time at Falcon Camp.

Little Farmers Camp

Kids having fun in Little Farmers Camp
Kids having fun in Little Farmers Camp

Situated ten minutes from the airport in the area of Pittsburgh, Blue Ribbon Farms, Inc. or what is known as the Little Farmers Camp is another interesting summer camp of 2017. This will just simply lead your child towards the discovery of activities like holding a bunny or caring and feeding of goats, lambs, baby pigs or chicks. Introduce your child to this summer camp and let him or her be fully educated, entertained and amazed by the farm. For sure, your child will love and enjoy preparing dishes and collecting eggs. This will surely be a promising experience that your child would love.

WPMS Camp (Western PA Montessori School)

WPMS Camp is good for kids.
WPMS Camp is good for kids.

This is made available for children aging two to six years old. The impressive thing about this summer camp is that it introduces your child to learn more facts and enjoy music, time, art, science and weekly surprises.

Moreover, there are opportunities for creativity and fun with all those outdoor activities such as organized games, nature walks, free play and a lot more.

KSMT (Keystone State Music Theater Academy)

This is a great choice for a summer camp that you should include on your checklist. This way, you will not anymore worry, and you will be able to make the summer camp preparation a lot faster. This features a complete production of “ShowBiz Kids”, “Willy Wonka, Jr.”.

Sunburst School Of Music

Let your child explore a different artist, theme and project or period. Campers will enjoy rock, opera, and hip-hop. This summer camp is also great for children of ages seven to fifteen.

Katie’s Clay Studio

Your child will forever treasure fun and creative camps, 1-day workshops, and mini-camps. Katie’s Clay Studio is another interesting summer camp for children aging five to fifteen. Mixed media-based camps and clay camps will provide them a lot of projects to work. These will usually include clay sculpting, pottery wheel, tie-dye and canvas painting.

Perpetrators Correction Camp

This is the newest idea for dealing with young perps (as they are called on their websites) that are willing to make good deeds for their wrongdoings. While this hasn’t been launched physically yet, you can preview the content of this project already, on their dedicated website.

If you want your child to enjoy a summer filled with fun, excitement and enthusiasm, feel free to choose any of these interesting summer camps of 2017!