Crestfield Camp and Conference Center Pittsburgh

Crestfield Camp

Crestfield is a camp and a conference center located on 226 acres of rolling Western Pennsylvania. It is just 1 hour away from Pittsburgh. Crestfield is serving over 155 Presbyterian Churches at this point of time. They also provide retreating facilities and conferencing facilities to the Groups of their Presbyteries, in addition to those groups who are from other organizations and locations. They have been providing retreats to middle schools and high schools for many years and they have recently decided to merge both the middle school and high school retreats. In addition to that, the new retreats have also been built.

There are a few retreats for the younger children that are going to take place in the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center like:

Spring Tweener Retreat

Only the children of 4th to 6th grade are entertained by the retreat. It is supposed to be held on April 29 and April 30, 2017. The retreat starts at the beginning of the spring, which will be an add-on to the enjoyment. There will be open lessons from the Bible to read and hear what Christ has said to the people. Your kids will be delighted to see kids like themselves with similar interests and they might even make some new friends.

Confirmation Retreat

The children are given the opportunity to confirm, receive and reaffirm the Baptismal vows. You can also get a chance to meet many learned Bishops and their followers. This is the time for a child to remember the Lord and be happy about all the things he has given to you.ds.
There are some Adult Retreats for the elderly ones that are specially made to get the people to know every part of God’s grace. The retreats are:
  • It is all about the International Bible study and worship. Everything, from meals to transportation facilities, is arranged by them and you can easily spend your day in here.

They also offer some Retreats for the kids that are in grades 9 to 12 in high school. Some of the upcoming retreats are:
Late Night Pioneers

TeepeesThis outdoor camp can be your once in a lifetime experience, exploring Crestfield in the night. The camp is beautifully laid out in the woods where you can sit along with your friends by the bonfire. And the best part is that you get to stay up for late nights and sleep late in the morning. You get to sleep in Teepees and watch as the beautiful night unfolds. They also provide a chuck wagon to hold all the dishes and the food for your comfort.

The mission statement of the Crestfield Camps and Conference Centers is “Crestfield Camps and Conference Centers provide facilities and opportunities for people to come away to the Christian-centric community for recreation, reflection, rejuvenation and rejoicing.” The experience at Crestfield does not only teach you a lot of things while having fun, but also brings you closer to God and his Disciples.

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