Upcoming Exciting Summer Camps in 2017 in Pittsburgh

Summers camps have now become a tradition. Even before the summer vacations start, people plan out their summer camp schedule. Unlike the older times, when we had only a few options for the summer camp, these days there are a plethora of choices. You can find a summer camp suitable to your child’s interests anywhere in Pittsburgh. So, since summer is around the corner and you must have started planning about your child’s summer camp, here is a list of the Upcoming Exciting Summer Camps in 2017:

Children’s Museum Summer Camp

Children’s Museum Summer camp offers various types of summer camps according to every kid’s interests. There is the Nature Camp where children will be taught gardening, natural arts, making herbal remedies and much more. There is a Makeshop Camp where craftsmen and women teach electronics, circuitry, sewing and woodwork. Another one is the Art Camp where the campers are given ceramics, printmaking, fiber arts and paintings and connect art making. All the campers from 8-12 years old and have the free access to outdoor activities.

Urban Impact Summer Camps

This is an academic camp and helps the kids to pay attention to subjects like math, science, literature and other subjects. They also emphasize outdoor activities like swimming, field trips and various sports etc. They have a highly qualified staff that helps kids focus and grow in their respective fields.

JCC Day Camps

JCC Speciality Camps are camps that focus on special skills in a fun environment. The different activities they provide are tennis camps, super soccer star with British football, Frisbee all stars, biking, a taste of the great outdoors, performing arts, volunteer camp, Hi-Tech learning, Super Shooter Basketball, junior PGA golf, travel camps, advanced dance camps, fashion camps, art, cooking and academics.

Pittsburgh CLO Camp

This is a theater camp that is meant for kids who love theater and want to make it their career. The various activities in the camps are provided according to the different age groups. The basic motive of this camp is to give the students an experience in performing onstage. The various plays that the kids prepare for include “Disney, the Jungle Book KIDS”. The first one is for the kids in grades 1 to 4 while the second one is for grades 2 to 12 and the play is “Willy Wonka Junior”. The third one is the famous “Beauty and the Beast” and is done in two groups: one for grades 3 to 6 and the second one is for grades 7 to 10. The fourth play is “The Lion King Jr.” for the kids from grade 3 to 6 and for kids in grades 7 to 10. The last one is “In The Heights” for kids in 6th to 12th grade. You are also given personal lessons and you can avail them as per your needs.

The Pittsburgh Project Summer Camp

Sometimes summer camps can be a way to help others also. At Pittsburgh Project Summer Camp, you work with skilled technicians to repair some sites. So, you basically provide free home repairs to elderly homeowners. They hold sessions according to age groups like junior high, which means grade 7 and 8, and senior high meaning grades 9 through 12. In addition to these, there are adult groups also. The first program starts on June 11 and the last one will be on July 30. Each session lasts 6 days.

Pittsburgh Zoo Camp

Animal lovers are going to be really happy about this. Here, they have programs for every age group from toddlers to age 13. The different activities are designed to cater a specific age group. The campers are made to interact with the different animals and are given information about them. There are many fun games and techniques used to teach these children. There is also a Veterinary Camp, which lets the kids work alongside the zoo vets and get some insight into the veterinary medicine while serving more than 9,000 animals. This can help you decide whether you want to have a career in veterinary sciences or not.