About me

Hello Readers, I am Joanne Doe, a school teacher by profession and a blogger. I have been teaching small kids for a very long time and I think it is the best job in the world. I write about all the things that I love and want the world to know about. Here in my blog, you will find many articles related to parenthood and children. My favorite season is summer and so are the activities that take place during summers. In my free time, I like to read or volunteer for events. I even take parenting seminars at various places around the country. I have been helping parents manage their lives after having children and also in taking care of their growing kids. I love animals unconditionally and actively protest against animal cruelty. I love to travel and am a hoarder of books and stationery items.

Wondering why is she here writing blogs? Well, it’s because ever since I was a kid, my heart has been into writing. I used to write journals as a kid and when I was in college, I decided to write a book. Long story cut short, it was a disaster. So I got into teaching and forgot about it. One day, when my kid was still a toddler, I was searching for parenting tips and tricks to help me take care of my baby. There were only a few sites that gave only basic knowledge about parenting. So I decided to channel my inner writer and share my experiences and parenting knowledge with the mothers who, at some point, would want to search for parenting tips like I once did. If you are a parent in need of guidance about your child, you will definitely like the things I post. Do make sure to visit regularly to check out the new tips that I have for kids and their parents.

Anyone who has actually visited the site and read my posts can give me feedbacks and also send me a request if you want to read about anything specific; I would be glad to write for you. Thank You!

Happy Parenting to you!

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