Explore a Wide Variety of Camps For All

Summer Camps are fun and interesting and are usually tailor-made to be suitable to every age group. There are many different type of camps to choose from. Here is a list:

Middle School CampsThese camps are designed for kids that fall in the age bracket of 11 to 14 years. The skill sets that are taught in these programs are suitable for all the kids in this age bracket. Some of the middle school camp type are:

  1. Sports Camps- These include various sports like football, basketball and swimming at the middle school level. You can build up your skills and polish them by practicing under the guidance of expert coaches and trainers.
  2. Art and Architecture Camps– For the kids who are good at art and want to improve their skills. Also, someone who is keenly interested to learn art and architecture are most welcome to join these programs.
  3. Creative Technology– Technology like animation, programming, coding and web designing are the few parts of this course. You will be exposed to technology in a different way by extremely experienced staff and faculty.
  4. Robotics– Nowadays, we see robots and automatic devices all the time around us. What if we had a chance to learn how to build these robots? Robotics camps are there to help you learn the basics of robotics through various equipment and fun learning experiences.